How to cause revolutions?

How to cause revolutions?

Sorry, the coup

Or, War of Secession PLANETARY

1.A protest at the Embassy of the entire planet (see also against China’s support for autonomy in Tibet and the Dalai Lama) against countries or gov target, so the Jews awaken from B `nai B` rith and Opus Dei – the UN VATICAN POPE and the UN international community comes Zionist media propaganda CNN (Christiane Amanpour), BBC, Radio Free Europe and others condemning the government of that country, for corruption, poverty, famine, and other stolen votes to justify later military action the UN, NATO in these countries, ie to formulate a UN resolution supporting military attack necessary and was not charged with war crimes.

2. Street protests in the target countries (Romania, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and others) with their spy, or new DISSENTING Romania -Dumitru Mazilu, Egypt- ElBaradei, refugees of the target countries or military training in many countries Western (see Hungarian military prepared refugees the Romanian and to attack in 1989, Romania), supported by foreign embassies (in Romania, Holland was the most active) accredited in the target countries, embassies are enemy and military units on the ground Zionist propaganda Christine Amanpour CNN in December 1989 in Bucharest filming in underground galleries, BBC, Radio Free Europe and others and begin the attack with bottles indendiare.

3. Fri foreign troops dressed in civilian or military uniform in the target countries with sniper rifles and cartridge type vidi NATO and others (see, Tunisia – Swedish troops in civilian dress were caught live with the press) and begin to kill innocent citizens ( so, were manufactured in Iran 2009-Iranian Angel) participating in protests to increase population pressure on governments.

4.Target government no goes, UN, NATO, GRU-Soviet bombing target country (see Yugoslavia 1999 and Libya), planned to reach their aim, namely to reach the target countries and institutions there to rob, kill and exterminate citizens of countries TARGET.
TARGET leaders of the conviction and confiscation of assets or accounts (see accounts Ceausescu $ 12 billion and Mubarak 70 billion euros), thesaurus target countries (Romania over 200 tons of gold, Iraq 2000 tons of gold) and natural energy resources, the dismantling of the target countries in other small states (see State of Yugoslavia and the establishment of Kosovo, following the establishment of the Romania and Republic of Transylvania), and finally enslave them with financial help from the IMF and World Bank.

The countries to be attacked to cause revolution and street protests: CHINA, SYRIA, IRAN, TURKEY (using Kurz), Pakistan, India and others, as in Europe did it the Jewish Colonization Plan.

OUTSIDE foreign journalists, League for Human Rights and the International Red Cross because they are military and CIA, Mossad, M16, FSB- KGB and other.

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